Hintergrundbild Dampfersteg am Chiemsee beim Jonathan Seminarhotel

A Warm Welcome to the Jonathan Seminar Hotel!

Urlaub im Jonathan Seminarhotel

Vacation at the Jonathan

We invite you to feel comfortable in the Jonathan all in private as well.

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Kinderaugen im Jonathan Seminarhotel

First impressions

Children feel comfortable at the Jonathan as well.

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Who We are – What is Special About the Jonathan

We are a team of more than 20 people who work and participate in daily life at Jonathan - and some of us even live here. Each one of us has a special connection to this place beyond our work, a connection to the goals and to the way we work and participate here together. Whoever wants to apply him-/ herself, whoever wants to learn, whoever wants to recognize and realize his/her own being more and more is very welcome and will have a good time here.