Welcome to the Jonathan Seminarhotel!

The Jonathan was built with environmentally friendly, ecological aspects in mind and therefore ensures an atmosphere helping you to relax your body, mind and soul. Whether you want to concentrate on your work at hand for several days or you just want to relax and unwind during a peaceful vacation, the Jonathan offers a home to you.

Remodelled from an old farmhouse, the Jonathan nowadays presents itself as a seminar hotel to you, where you can be comfortable and achieve excellence of performance.

Feel free to inform yourself on our newly designed website what we can offer you above and beyond our warm-heartedness, our hospitality and the attentiveness we give to each one of our guests.

If you are our guest, our house is your house, we hand it over to you for your best use.

In this spirit, we look forward to welcome you here!

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Midananda-Sein im Sommer 2024

Das Sommer-Event im Jonathan vom 25. August - 4. September 2024 ab jetzt buchbar

Wir freuen uns auf gemeinsame Tage des Midananda-Seins!  Bist du bereit für Schritte auf die neue Ebene? Wunderbare Begegnungs-, Erfahrungsräume? Sein im Midananda, Gemeinschaft gestalten, erfahren!

Zum Midananda-Sein Event

Silvester Celebration 24/25 mit Satyaa und Pari

4 Tage Bliss mit Mantras, Satsang, Yoga, Celebration…

Dies ist ein spezielles Event welches sich über die Jahre zu einem wahren Segen als Jahresabschluss-Feier entwickelt hat. Altes loslassen und das Neue willkommen heissen.

Seminarbuchung bei Para: bettinaschwarz@aol.com

zur Silvester Celebration

Over and over again, our seminar rooms spark excitement in trainers and participants alike.

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Find here the schedule of events in the Jonathan.

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The desert has always been a space for finding yourself. According to our experience it a perfect place to gain insight and clarity.

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Request as Organizer or Trainer

You want to have your event or seminar in the Jonathan. Here you can ask, if the date you wish is still available.

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Request as a Seminar Participant

You have registered for a seminar that will take place in the Jonathan and want to book your accommodation now. So, this is your path.

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Being in the Jonathan as a private person

You want to escape your daily routine for a few days and come into a loving, calm and relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful landscape . Then book your room here.

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