Distribution of Rooms at Seminars

We often get the question: "Why can’t I choose my room and whom I want to stay with? That's possible in other hotels!

Here are a few words on that topic from the point of view of the seminar hotel. We can only guarantee with 90% certainty that guest will get the room they request and the actual room and bed allocation is often only possible shortly before arrivals.

We understand the desire to choose a certain room and a roommate. This is however only possible under certain conditions. Firstly, we will need to know  your first priority for a room, followed by your second and third priority.

We try always to allocate you a room according to your first priority based on the number of rooms reserved by the organizers of the seminar. The goal is to accommodate everyone as they desire but changes can occur shortly before the seminar begins.

Here is an example: Mrs. Peters selects a double room as priority 1.  Mrs. Klein. As Priority 2, Mrs. Peters selects a room for 3 with Mrs. Klein. As priority 3 Mrs. Peters chooses the dormitory. According to priority selection and available resources we distribute Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Klein in a double room. Shortly before the conference Mrs. Klein cancels. According to available resources at this time, there are no available 3 bed rooms and the dormitory was not chosen by other participants of this seminar. Mrs Peters is now allocated a single room.