Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the conference package?

TP I conference package I Includes: accommodation, breakfast buffet, complete warm buffet and abundant choice of salads for lunch and dinner, vegetarian and organic food for the most part (organic fish or meat upon request for an extra charge)

TP II conference package II Includes: This package supplements TP I by a 24 hour beverage and fruit buffet. It includes coffee, cereal coffee, various teas, milk, fruit juices, osmotic water and a fruit basket.

Why do I have to give room priorities when registering?

Prioritizing is important, since we only know how we can best serve everybody's wishes after everybody has registered. Our room allocation mainly consists of shared rooms, which we like to assign as single or double rooms as well. If a large group with many requests for single rooms arrive, we switch to your next priority, a double room i.e.

When do I know which room I wil be in?

If you make a note on the registration form, that you want a return call, we will inform you before you get to the hotel which room you are assigned to. If you gave us three priorities on your form and you would be happy with either one of them, then you will find out about your room assignment once you get to the hotel.

Where are the external rooms located?

We are in contact with several landlords of vacation homes and rooms in the village, meaning Chieming-Hart. You can walk to these external accommodations. With especially big groups we fall back on hotels in the surrounding villages. These you can reach in a few minutes by car. Let us know your preference.

How much do I have to pay for an external room?

The prices are depending on which kind of accommodation you want to book, a holiday apartment, a guesthouse or a hotel. Also the price depends on the kilometres to the Chiemsee. If you are close to the Chiemsee the price will be higher, than if your 10 km away.

Can I still get into the seminar that I am interested in?

In our calendar of events you can find out how many participants are allowed in the seminar and the actual number of participants to date. In individual cases, the seminar organizer will confirm the information him/herself.

Are dogs allowed in the hotel?

Yes, dogs are welcome at the Jonathan!
If you want to bring your dog with you, there is a flat rate for about 10 € per day. Please be aware that you have to pay any kind of damage your dog may caused. We will invoice you the costs for reparation oder cleaning.

How far away from the Traunstein train station is the hotel located?

The hotel is located 12 kilometers away from the train station in Traunstein. This corresponds to approx. 15 – 20 minutes by car.

How much do I have to pay for a transfer from the train station in Traunstein/ Munich airport by taxi?

The cost for the subsidized taxi ride (link to “directions“) from the train station in Traunstein to the Jonathan Seminar Hotel is 20 Euros. From the airport in be filled

Do I have to bring my own bed sheets/ towels?

Towels and bed sheets are usually provided by the hotel and will be changed as needed during your stay. Only during very big events with camping on the premises, the agreement might be different. In this case, though, participants will be informed accordingly.