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A Warm Welcome to the Jonathan Seminar Hotel!

Urlaub im Jonathan Seminarhotel

Vacation at the Jonathan

We invite you to feel comfortable in the Jonathan all in private as well.

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Jonathan and the financing -“It is all good”

Nature around Jonathan
Umgebung des Jonathan Seminarhotels

Recent years have been an exercise for us in looking to the future and having faith in God. Many have probably noticed that things have been back and forth with respect to our financing. We are so pleased that the issue was solved in 2013 and today all is good.


An important part of our clarity came from new funds in the form of advance payments and new investments from the circle around Jonathan - our sincere thanks for your confidence in us and for your support!

We were committed and stayed faithful to our way, we could see the situation – and as we wished, the matter was solved out of court. The bank came up with a good solution that met our goals and needs.

Thus, the past is behind us and new contracts are now in place. Bank debts have decreased substantially as well as the monthly payment.



Jonathan was not in a financial bottleneck, Jonathan was and is running well. We were simply in a situation where our loans ran out, the bank refused new financing, other Banks did not think that was true and then the carousel goes around and around. Now all is good - we look towards the future and are ready for all new which is coming.