Sand Roses

We have brought back Sand Roses from the Sahara.

Sand Roses are said to have cleansing properties and to promote welfare and prosperity. These beautiful crystals clear negative energy in both objects and people. This energy is passed on to Mother Earth who will provide the necessary healing.

The whitish to reddish brown sand roses are especially useful in meditation as they bring light from the root and sexual organs to the spleen chakra. This energy permeates strongly and deeply in us and redeems us from blockages, which are particularly linked to reproduction and sexuality.

The energy of the Sand Rose is very gentle and will teach us that all the ups and downs of life are precious. It helps us to understand past and future lives.

This supports us in making wise decisions here and now.


Send an email with your address to: and a Sand Rose will be on the way to you!

They cost 11,00 € per kilo plus postage.

Please make a money transfer to:

Jonathan GmbH
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Hypo Vereinsbank Traunstein