Hintergrundbild Flur im Jonathan Seminarhotel

A Warm Welcome to the Jonathan Seminar Hotel!

Urlaub im Jonathan Seminarhotel

Vacation at the Jonathan

We invite you to feel comfortable in the Jonathan all in private as well.

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Fees for seminar rooms

The fees for the seminar room depends on the full board turnover (FB I or FB II) of your group.

The full board turnover is the result of your planned and reserved number of participants.

Below you will find the scaling of the seminar rooms with regard to the full board turnover of the whole group. Thus, with the according size of the group, the seminar rooms become free of charge.

We are happy to prepare a written proposal for you. Just ask!

Seminar Room Turmalin (182sqm)

Seminar room Tourmaline
Seminar room Tourmaline
turnover per day in euro:        
    up to 1.200,00 450,00  
  1.201,00 up to 1.650,00 300,00  
  1.651,00 up to 2.550,00 150,00  
    more than 2.550,00 free  

Seminar Room Ruby (165sqm)

Seminar room Ruby
Seminar room Ruby
turnover per day in euro        
    up to 750,00 300,00  
  751,00 up to 1.250,00 200,00  
  1.251,00 up to 1.600,00 100,00  
    more than 1.600,00 free  

Seminar Room Diamond (82sqm)

Seminar room Diamond
Seminar room Diamond
turnover per day in euro        
    up to 450,00 150,00  
  451,00 up to 700,00 100,00  
  701,00 up to 1.100,00 50,00  
    more than 1.100,00 free  

Seminar Room Aventurine (52sqm)

Seminar room Aventurine
Seminar room Aventurine
turnover per day in euro        
    up to 200,00 75,00  
  201,00 up to 350,00 50,00  
  351,00 up to 600,00 25,00  
    more than 600,00 free