Hintergrundbild Flur im Jonathan Seminarhotel

A Warm Welcome to the Jonathan Seminar Hotel!

Urlaub im Jonathan Seminarhotel

Vacation at the Jonathan

We invite you to feel comfortable in the Jonathan all in private as well.

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Accommodation Fees & Conference Packages

Our prices are fair! Convince yourself! All conditions and discounts are transparent. This means, every guest pays the same price.


For houseguests without seminar participation we offer accommodation and breakfast. For seminar participants those parameters apply that have been arranged with the seminar organizer, usually conference packages I or II (TP I or II).


All prices are stated in Euros and include VAT.

Prices starting 01.01.2018

For one night there is a general surcharge of 5,00 €, for two nights there is a surcharge of 2,00 € per overnight and person.

For the weekends you/we have a minimum two nights.


The following prices are for three or more nights:


  ÜF*) TPI*) TPII*)
Single room 79,00 114,00 122,00
Double room 52,00 87,00 95,00
Three-bed room 38,00 73,00 81,00
Four-bed room 31,00 66,00 74,00
Maisonette as single room 124,00 159,00 167,00
Maisonette as double room 71,00 106,00 114,00
Maisonette as three-bed room 52,00 87,00 95,00
Maisonette as 4-bed/5-bed room 38,00 73,00 81,00
Dormitories from 5 people on 28,00 53,00 61,00
Conference package without accommodation 22,00 43,00 51,00
Conference package proportionately including one meal**)   19,00 23,00
Conference package proportionately including two meals**)   29,00 34,00
Children in room with parents 4-12 yrs 12,00 25,00 30,00
Children up to 3 yrs free      
Camping adult 22,00 48,00 56,00
Camping children 11,00 24,00 29,00


ÜF     accommodation with breakfast buffet


TP I     conference package I

            Includes: accommodation, breakfast buffet, complete

            warm buffet and abundant choice of salads for lunch and

            dinner (organic fish or meat upon request for an extra charge)


TP II     conference package II

             This package supplements the TP I by a 24 hour beverage

             and fruit buffet. It includes coffee, cereal coffee, various teas,

             milk, fruit juices, osmotic water and a fruit basket.


**)        Option for the whole seminar group in case the seminar does not take place the whole day.