Prices for rooms & conference packages

Prices 2024

Room rates Jonathan from 02.01.2024, from 3 nights.

For one or two nights there is a surcharge of € 6,-.

Prices in Euro ÜF*) TP I*) TP II*)
Single Room 90,00 132,00 142,00
Double Room 60,00 102,00 112,00
Three-bed room 44,00 86,00 96,00
Four-bed room 36,00 78,00 88,00
Maisonette as single room 140,00 182,00 192,00
Maisonette as double room 80,00 123,00 133,00
Maisonette as three-bed room 60,00 102,00 112,00
Maisonette as 4-bed/5-bad room 44,00 86,00 96,00
Dormitories from 5 people up 33,00 63,00 73,00
Camping adult 26,00 58,00 68,00
Camping children (4 -12 yrs.) 15,00 30,00 36,00
Children in room with parents (4 -12 yrs.) 15,00 30,00 37,00
Conference package without accomodation   52,00 62,00

At least two nights must be booked over a weekend. One overnight stay is also possible during the week. The conference package for a seminar is chosen by the organiser and must be booked by all participants.



Overnight stay with breakfast buffet


Conference package I and full board price
Includes: Overnight stay, breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner each with a
buffet with a choice of dishes (fish or meat on request with a surcharge of €6 per meal) and pro rata use of the house and seminar room.


Conference package II
This package corresponds to TP I and is supplemented by a 24-hour drinks and fruit buffet. It includes
Coffee, cereal coffee, various teas, milk & alternatives, a spritzer, osmosis water, as well as pro rata use of the house and seminar room.

A day begins with dinner and ends with lunch the next day. If a seminar starts in the morning and/or ends in the evening, the pro rata conference fee is charged for that day. The seminar room is available from 6 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 3 p.m. on the day of departure. Other arrangements require written agreement.