Over the last 20 years we accommodated a lot of great trainers and seminar coaches here.

Here we listed a few of our seminar coaches

- Isaac Shapiro

- Satyaa und Pari

- Alberto Villoldo mit The Four Winds Society

- Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche

- Chuck Spezzano

- Jasmuheen

- Chameli Ardagh

- Bruno Würtenberger

- Rosalyn Bruyere

- Barbara Bessen

- Tom Kenyon

What Seminar Coaches Have to Say About the Jonathan Seminar Hotel:

  • “For me as a trainer it is always like coming home here. If I feel like making my own capuccino, I am allowed to do so...!“
  • “I always hear from the team: We'll make it possible“.
  • “Here are people who like doing what they are doing.“
  • “In the Jonathan I have the feeling that my work's success is just as important to the staff as it is to me“.
  • “Personal and professional.“
  • “The Jonathan grew close to my heart. Total support for my work. I can enjoy the breaks here like I can during vacation!“
  • “I always ask myself how I can make things even easier – and this is why I chose the Jonathan.“
  • “This is a place for trainers who live what they teach.“
  • “It's simply a good place.“
  • “It is amazing and I don't know why – in this house co-operation in the team process happens quickly. It is difficult to fight.“
  • “In other beds I always have a bad night's, if not to say miserable night's sleep during the first few nights. I have a hard time believing it – I hardly ever sleep as well as in the Jonathan. I am certain, this is partially due to the natural mattresses and natural quilts, but I think it has to do with the whole atmosphere here.“

Stimmen von Seminarteilnehmern zum Jonathan Seminarhotel

  • "Thank you all" It feels like an ashram here. And all the people serving here are so full of love! Thank you!"