The Jonathan Cuisine For Body, Mind & Soul

Buffet in the vault restaurant

Buffet in the vault restaurant

The sweetness of life

Our motto is vital food. Our creative chefs prepare light varied meals for our guests with a focus on vegetarian food with lots of herbs. The products originate mostly from conscious farming, partly from our own permakultur garden. We happily respect special diets like vegan, macrobiotic or raw foods.

We consider ourselves as a guest's house in the true sense, where the cuisine has always been seen as a cornerstone. Just as we know, that the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach, we know that vital nourishment is soothing for body, mind and soul. Our goal again is to have enthusiastic guests!

Additionally, it is important to us to support the visiting groups' processes as optimally as possible. In doing this, food is prominently important. What we take in, nourishes us on different levels and can therefore help or block a process. In this sense, we always look forward to the variety of our guests and their individual needs and desires that come along with the issues they bring and to address these appropriately.

Depending on the seminar instructor's choice (conference package II), the participants usually have access to a varied selection of beverages day and night without any additional cost. Our guests can choose between various teas, (malt) coffee, (cereal) milk, yogi tea, fruit juices and cold or warm osmosis water. In addition, our guests can choose from a supply of fresh seasonal fruits.

Upon request, organic fish or meat is available for an extra charge.

The Restaurants and Terraces

Space for exchange and indulgence

Three restaurants and two terraces are available for participants as a place for interaction and common meals. Thus, the various groups can stay among themselves, if so desired.

1. The Bohemian Vault

Seats approx. 50 people. Charming, lovingly decorated main lounge with food and beverage buffet, fruit basket and reception area. A white concert piano is waiting to be played here. From here you reach the terrace at the pond.

2. The Blue Salon

Seats approx. 50 people. Quiet room with a nice ambiance on the side of the hotel with morning sun and exhibition space for local artists. Access to the terrace by the pond.

3. The Wintergarden

Seats approx. 80 people. Light-flooded room with a mediterranean ambiance, a view into the green of the garden and access to the terrace.

4. Terrace by the pond

Sitting at the water in the morning and the midday sun (or under umbrellas).